Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Morning Skincare Routine


   First off, I'm going to say sorry about the picture quality...I'm currently working on it. =)

     Anyways, one day I browsing Whole Foods for a new face cleanser and the Everyday Coconut's Cleansing Face Wash caught my eye. A whole 12oz bottle of cleanser for $8.99 wasn't a bad price in my eyes, so then I picked up the bottle and read the the ingredients. I got really scared at first, because the main ingredient in this item is - free trade coconut oil!! yikes!!!

     If you don't know, I'll tell you -- I am an OILY skin girl. I have been battling cystic acne since I was a teenager and no matter what I seem to do, my face it is somehow becomes shiny in only a couple of hours. My skin as calmed down a lot since my teenage days but I still get blemish here and there. When I use something my face doesn't like, my face can become -- what I like to call...A MESS!

     Anyways, I Googled on my phone about Coconut oil (thanks goodness for Google) and saw that it's very beneficial for the skin and hair. So I thought to myself, why not? If I don't like it, I could always try and use it as a body wash I went ahead a bought it and let me tell you -- I am very happy I did! This cleanser is great with my skin, it gives me that clean feeling without over-drying my skin. I really like this stuff and best of all...No major breakouts. Yes, I do get a spot here and there but I have not had a full on major breakout since using this stuff.

     So, I decided to go out and get the Everyday Coconut's Coconut Water Face Toner along with Everyday Coconut's Daily Face Lotion with SPF 15. I ran out of old toner which I though was OK but my old toner had a lot of unnecessary chemicals and my normal face lotion was half the size with a larger price tag. So, I thought I would give this brand a shot, the ingredients seem a lot more natural and I feel like I'm getting a lot of product for my money. 

     This shall be my daily morning routine as of now...If anything changes in the future, I will update. 

     Also, I want to point out that this is certified free trade coconut oil and their website clams that 10% of Everyday Coconut's profit goes to support the Alaffia's community empowerment projects in West Africa. 

     To learn more and shop for Everyday Coconut items - please visit, I bought my Everyday Coconut items at my local Whole Foods.

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