Sunday, August 4, 2013

Earth Science Papaya-Glycolic Gentle Skin Peel

Earth Science Papaya-Glycolic Gentle Skin Peel is great product for refreshing your skin and banishing those impurities in your pores. I slather this on, leave it on for about 20 mins and then remove it with a warm wash clothing. It leaves my oily skin feeling clean and clear of any grease and oil. Great for D.I.Y. facial. This is works more like a mask and expect "mild" results.

Some people have been bothered by the herbal smell, based on other reviews I've read. I don't mind the herbal smell, I don't even notice the smell after it has been sitting on my face for a few minutes.

I found this for under $10 US dollars at my local Whole Foods. Vegan. No Animal Testing & Gluten-Free.

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